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company overview

name Daicoh Electronics, Inc.
address 2-28-17,Yoga,Setagaya-ku,Tokyo,Japan postal code158-0097(MAP)
Foundation Jun.1st 1975 Founder : CW.Suh
Capital 30,000,000yen
Representative C.E.O.  Masako Nakatsuka
Main customer
  • CANON Marketing Japan Inc.
  • ELECOM Co.,Ltd.
  • EPSON Sales Japan Corp.
  • HAYAMI Industry Co.,Ltd.
  • HITACH Consumer Marketing, Inc.
  • MITSUBISHI Electric Living Environment Systems Corp.
  • PANASONIC Corporation
  • PIONEER Home Electronics Corporation
  • SHARP Corporation
  • SONY Marketing (Japan) Inc.
  • TOSHIBA Corporation
  • JVC KENWOOD Corporation

Summary of business

Manufacturing Planning / development / manufacturing business of audio and video-related equipment (including manufacturer OEM production)
Specialized equipment Delivery of Government / school facilities. Planning / sales corporation for presentation equipment, office equipment. Sales hospital / nursing homes for medical devices, etc.
Sales Selling and general consumer electronics, personal computer / smartphone related equipment, automotive equipment, software, furniture, office equipment, kitchen equipment, medical devices, etc.
Rental Rental video apparatus with a focus on the projector, personal computers, audio equipment
Purchase Purchase the video / audio equipment, camera body / peripheral, PC / peripheral, of home appliances, etc.
Repair industry Sound & Image connected machines Full repair. Domestic appliance repair メ ー ka ー paid by business (shop finds).

We are looking for a new business opportunity.

Daicoh Electronics, Inc. is the companies which are business of the internet order of consumer electronics, sale of commercial equipment, rental service of visual equipment, etc. We increase achievements than Web store start of 1999 and continue it until today. We always check new information, and make useful contents to you.


Daicoh Electronics, Inc. is trying to step toward the next stage. The new century can go the time of a change and is asking for new business and a new leader.


In preparation Daicoh Electronics, Inc. is the business in Internet media running net shop "DENSUKE" and "Rakuten Ichiba-ten"and more. Our faith that greeted 15 years from net shop opening of a store "to make the service of user's viewpoint". Our site is for user. Our work is made with the structure which how can provide information to be necessary when I thought that a user wants to do good choice quickly. I want to look for a new partner in future in all the countries of the world as well as Japan in order to increase choices with the variety. I want to encounter the company challenging with us by the offer of various services not to mention the development of the product.


Let's create the new product together We think about the development of a new product to adapt itself to user needs. We sell home electric appliance, PC peripheral device, furniture, lighting equipment, clocks, auto equipment, product for business use at the present, but, please suggest even the product of the new category.

Give me communication from the form of the next page.

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From Director

sales director says "To tomorrow is ready" The number of the people of access and the reading pages of the website that we manage increase, and the sales are brisk. However, the situation in the world changes remarkably and feels what we would do to the correspondence to a tablet terminal if the managerial decisions that it is earlier, and are correct are important. Accordingly we cope with user needs more. We want to work with the same sense of speed as a past.


Jun/1975 Started Household Appliance Wholesale Business in Tamagawadai, Setagaya-ku.
Apr/1979 Daiko-Denki co.Ltd. was established with the capital 3,000,000yen.
Aug/1983 The mail order section branch "Finelife Daiko" is founded to Taitung-ku.(The annual turnover of 2 billion yen is attained)
Mar/1988 The mail order branch was unified to the Setagaya head office.
Sept/1988 Developed own brand goods "Compact Noctilucence Miller", and supplied them as a novelty article of the Major Company.
Feb/1990 The SONY specialty store "AV Station Q" was opened in Sakura, Setagaya-ku.
Apr/1990 "Daiko Kakio Store" Open in Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa Kakio.
Aug/1990 "Daiko Ichihara Store" Open in Ichihara-shi, Chiba.
Mar/1991 Store for overseas travelers "Multi-Store Q" open to Sakura, Setagaya-ku.
Mar/1992 Tied up with MITSUBISHI Heavy Industries and DAIKIN SS, and established the business-use, Air-conditioning construction section.
Jun/1992 Acquired BusinessLicence in the American Mariana Islands.(Daicoh SAIPAN.co.Ltd)
Aug/1992 Opened the Duty-free shop "OASIS" to Saipan Island.
Sept/1994 Transformed the projector construction specialty company "Tomtech co.Ltd." into owned subsidiaries.
May/1995 Released its-own-brand high-intensity screen "Daico TRON" released its-own-brand Coaxial cable for home theater
Sept/1997 "DaikoDenki Corporation" which increased the capital to 10,000,000yen and was demutualized.
Mar/1999 Relocated the head office to Yoga, Setagaya-ku.
May/1999 It is a repair operating start as a SONY repair receptionist authorization store.
Aug/1999 Carried out the Kyushu branch establishment in Yatsushiro-shi, Kumamoto.
Aug/1999 Made the net shop "DENSUKE" and started Internet-order-sales business.
Mar/2000 Ties up with JVC, and starts OEM supply of its-own-brand High-intensity Screen. They were supplied to government
and municipal offices, such as the Kitakyushu city office.
Aug/2000 Household appliance repair site "Dr.DENSUKE" Open.
Nov/2000 "Daicom co.Ltd." the company of Internet-order sales was established with the capital 3,000,000yen.
Apr/2001 Opened shop to "Yahoo! Auction (the present[Yahuoku])"
Feb/2003 Opened shop to "Rakuten Ichiba"
Mar/2003 Made "Daiko-denki Corporation" and "Daicom co.Ltd." merge, and it carried out reorganization to "Daicoh Electronics, Inc."
Apr/2003 Household appliance acquisition site "DENSUKE Kaitori" Open.
Mar/2004 Mamoru Nakatsuka became C.E.O.
Jul/2005 Opened shop to "Yahoo!Shopping"
Aug/2006 "Daiko Machida store" Open in Machida-shi, Tokyo.
May/2009 Rental site "DENSUKE Rental" Open./td>
Mar/2011 Headquarters BLDG acquisition.
May/2012 The capital is increased to 30,000,000yen.
Sept2012 Since Mamoru Nakatsuka died, Masako Nakatsuka became C.E.O.
Oct/2013 Opened shop to "AMAZON Japan"


By Train (From Tokyu-Dentetsu Denen-Toshi-Line Yoga Station east gate six minute walking)

address : 2-28-17,Yoga,Setagaya-ku,Tokyo,Japan postal code158-0097
Corporate information
Daico Electronics, Inc.
Daico Electronics, Inc.
2-28-17,Yoga,Setagaya-ku,Tokyo,Japan postal code158-0097
TEL:+81-3-3707-5971 / FAX:+81-3-5491-4311